The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant for the local Penrith community and economy. As we continue to work within changing COVID-19 restirctions, our efforts have focused on the economic and social recovery of our community. 


We recognise that a key to our recovery is to stimulate our local businesses and bring our people together in a COVID safe way. With this in mind, Council has been working hard in recent months to deliver ReAnimate Penrith 2020, an exciting new experience which allows you to enjoy art, digital innovation and the opportunity to see our City come to life, in your own time and in your own space.


Your health and safety remains our number one priority and we are working to follow the guidelines of NSW Government to ensure we produce the safest possible experience for everyone.


We invite everyone to enjoy ReAnimate Penrith 2020 during the month of November in the Penrith City Centre, but ask that you do so whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines. The Augmented Reality ARtwalk and mural gallery can be experienced at any time during the day or evening and can be enjoyed at your own leisure.


As you begin the ARtwalk you will be prompted to provide your name and contact details on your smartphone or tablet. This is strictly for NSW Health COVID contact tracing requirements only, and will not be used for any marketing or statistical data.


If you have any questions in regards to the COVID-19 safety for this event, please write to us at -

For more information or updates regarding COVID-19, please visit the NSW Government COVID information page at -