Watch our city come to life in an explosion of art and colour as Australia’s most  talented street and mural artists transform the heart of our City into an outdoor art gallery. 


For the first time ever, the urban environment of Penrith will become an exhibition featuring acclaimed artists whose works have been installed and exhibited around Australia and the world.


Watch the magic happen and be part of the experience as the murals will be painted live during the month of November, and be immersed as some of these murals spring to life through augmented reality.

Re-discover our city at ReAnimate Penrith!


WHEN:  Now on display 

WHERE:  Allen Place Car Park near Station St

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Claire is an Australian artist and designer who is most known for her large body of public art found across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. With a distinctive mix of abstract and realistic techniques, Claire’s painted mural works explore a site-specific narrative often concerned with the connectedness of people and place. Her work draws the viewer into a deeper conversation responding to land, story & identity. 

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Thomas Jackson is an Australian artist and illustrator who was born in the United Kingdom. Moving to Sydney as a child, he was instantly drawn to the natural wildlife of this new country. Fascinated by the local animals and landscapes, he drew inspiration from his new home, as well as scientific plant and animal specimens, entomology and taxidermy. Today, Thomas puts a modern take on ‘Natural History Illustration’, painstakingly creating smaller scale works for galleries and translating these into large scale public murals.



(DCYDES) specialises in large scale murals and conceptual designs with his artworks found across Australia and internationally. 

A Springwood local, DCYDES has strong connections to the local community.

Using dynamic media such as aerosol, brush and acrylics, DCYDES work brings a captivating and unique visual texture to his art. His aim is to create a tapestry of styles, symbols, and social messaging throughout his designs, believing murals are an expressive tool to bring social consciousness and art together.  



Le Grizz is an Australian Artist specialising in quirky, acid pop artworks, murals and designs. Based within the mountains of Lithgow valley, Le Grizz has collaborated with brands including Fireball Whisky, Bacardi-Martini, Young Henrys, Kyneee Snowboards, Mambo, Disney and Valentine Wines.

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Happy Decay is an Australian Street Artist and Illustrator with over 15 years’ experience in the creative arts. His mural works give life to community urban spaces, promoting positive messages and enhancing public spaces with the people.



Shannon is an artist from Western Sydney. As well as having his art spread all across his hometown of Penrith, Shannon has also worked in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast in his young career. He specialises in detailed works that explore and combine different styles of realism, with a strength and focus on large scale portraiture. From pencil, charcoal, and digital art, to acrylic and aerosol paintings of various sizes, Shannon is flexible in creating works of high quality across a range of mediums.  

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Born in 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, Sophi grew up in Sydney where she now lives and works. In 2005 Sophi completed her BFA at UNSW College of Fine Arts, and in 2016 Sophi started painting murals after a 14 year career in fashion. Her murals can be seen across America, Thailand, Nicaragua and Australia, and she has exhibited in Tokyo and Australia.